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O’Neill welcomes High Court ruling on North-South Ministerial Council meetings

11 October, 2021 - by Michelle O'Neill

Sinn Féin MLA and joint Head of Government Michelle O’Neill has welcomed a decision by the High Court in Belfast today which ruled that the DUP was and is acting unlawfully and breached the Ministerial Code by boycotting North-South Ministerial Council meetings.

And the Mid Ulster MLA said that DUP play acting was putting €1 billion of EU peace money in jeopardy which provides jobs and services right across the community. 

Michelle O’Neill said:

“I welcome the High Court ruling that DUP ministers acted unlawfully and breached the Ministerial Code by failing to participate in North-South Ministerial Council meetings.

“The North South Ministerial bodies, like the Assembly and Executive, are an integral part of the institutions of the Good Friday Agreement and must be fully functioning.

“The High Court has said it now expects DUP ministers to comply with their legal obligations. 

“DUP ministers should now get on and do their jobs, act within the law and stop impeding progress and hampering government business.

“They should bring their boycott of the north south bodies to an end immediately.

“The North South Ministerial Council is due to agree €1 billion of Peace Plus funding this month. 

“Putting this €1 billion of EU peace funding at risk could cost jobs and the loss of vital community services, which benefit everyone in society. These jobs and this funding should not be jeopardised by DUP play acting.

“It’s time to get on with doing the job that we are elected to do, which is working on behalf of everyone on this island to build a better future for workers, families and communities.”

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