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Finucane condemns ‘reckless and sectarian’ security threat at North Belfast church grounds and attack on whole community

25 March, 2022 - by John Finucane MP

Sinn Féin MP John Finucane has condemned those responsible for a security threat at the Houben Centre in North Belfast. 

A van reportedly carrying a device has been hijacked and left in the grounds of a local church while a conference was ongoing

The North Belfast MP said: 

“Reports of a van with a device being hijacked and parked outside a church and a well-used community facility are concerning and disgraceful. 

“People, including an Irish government minister and other politicians, attending a Hume Foundation conference looking at moving forward and building relationships have been evacuated. 

“This is a reckless sectarian attack and will cause huge disruption to the local community as Police are advising them to leave their homes.

“Those responsible are trying to drag us back, we will continue to work for the future. 

“There is no place in society for this type of activity and anyone with information on this attack should immediately report it to the PSNI.”

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