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New British Secretary has a duty to work even-handedly to restore power sharing – O’Neill

7 July, 2022 - by Michelle O'Neill

First Minister designate Michelle O’Neill MLA has today told incoming British of State, Shailesh Vara that he has a responsibility to work constructively and even-handedly to restore power sharing 

Michelle O’Neill spoke to Shailesh Vara by phone.

Following the call Michelle O’Neill said:

“I have spoken just now with Shailesh Vara after his instalment as British Secretary of State.

“I told him that he is the seventh British Secretary to fill the post under this Tory Government, and that while their priorities lie elsewhere, it is his duty for however short his tenure, to work constructively and even-handedly to restore power-sharing.” 

Michelle O’Neill said that Mr Vara’s predecessor had undermined political stability at every turn. She said:

 “I made clear my position that his predecessor undermined political stability by failing to fulfil his responsibilities at every turn. 

“This included giving cover to those denying the public democratic representation at the Assembly they voted for, and refusing to respect the democratic outcome of the recent election. 

“The British government needs to accept its responsibilities and start working with all the Assembly parties, and the Irish Government to restore the Good Friday Agreement institutions, and stop placating the DUP who are in a needless stand-off which is unjustly punishing the public.”

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