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Sinn Féin set out All-Ireland demands

10 April, 2006

Sinn Féin Belfast City Council Group leader Paul Maskey was today joined by his council colleague Carál ní Chuilín and the party President Gerry Adams in Belfast City Hall as they launched the latest stage of the campaign to see the Irish government bring forward a Green Paper on the issue of Irish unity.

Councillor ni Chuilín said:

"Last year we set out our roadmap for Irish unity and launched a campaign to urge the Irish government to bring forward a Green Paper and to begin the practical planning for Irish unity now. This campaign has been brought to areas throughout the 32 counties.

"Today we gather as Easter Sunday approaches to launch the next stage of this campaign. We have drawn up a list of 5 simple demands which if acted upon by the Irish will undoubtedly advance the United Ireland agenda.

Sinn Féin are calling for:

  • The Irish government need to produce a Green Paper on Irish Unity.
  • The work of the All-Ireland Ministerial Council should be expanded and additional All-Ireland Implementation Bodies created.
  • Westminster MPs should be given representation in the Oireachtas
  • Voting rights for Presidential elections should be extended to citizens in the six counties
  • The Irish government to actively engage with the British government and Unionism to promote and seek support for re-unification.

"Throughout this year we will be engaging with political parties, the social partners, local communities, the churches, young people in promoting the United Ireland agenda. It is only through driving forward this programme and ensuring that national re-unification becomes a reality that we will truly honour the men and woman of Easter week ." ENDS

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