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16 April, 2006

Sinn Féin leaders Pat Doherty MP, Bairbre de Brún MEP, Arthur Morgan TD, Sean Crowe TD and Michelle Gildernew MP will today join tens of thousands of people on the streets of Dublin to honour the men and women of the 1916 Rising. Speaking in Dublin this morning Mr. Doherty welcomed the marking of the 90th anniversary of the Rising by the state and said it gave people an opportunity to celebrate the spirit of 1916”.  He called on all those committed to Irish reunification to work together for that goal.


Mr. Doherty said:


 “90 years ago a small number of men and women went out onto the streets of Dublin city and challenged the greatest superpower of the day.  It is right and proper that the state is marking this anniversary with a commemoration in our capital city, Tens of thousands of people are celebrating the spirit of 1916 and paying tribute to all of those brave men and women who gave their lives in the cause of Irish freedom.  It is the people of Ireland who are the inheritors of the Rising and all that it stood for.


“The Easter Rising is a defining event in our history and the Proclamation of the Republic is the defining document of the Rising.  And the core values of the Proclamation are as relevant in 2006 as they were in 1916.


“But simply commemorating the events of Easter 1916 is not enough. Learning the lessons of 1916 means putting the issue of Irish unity at the top of the political agenda. It means the Irish government driving forward a process which will deliver national reunification.


"The best way to celebrate the spirit of Easter 1916 is for all of those who are committed to Irish reunification, regardless of party political affiliation, to work together for that  goal." ENDS


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