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Energy companies should pay their fair share - Finucane

2 February, 2023 - by John Finucane

Sinn Féin MP John Finucane has called on the Tories to hike taxes on energy companies and redirect the cash into the pockets of struggling workers and families.

Speaking after Shell announced £32 billion in profits, the North Belfast MP said:

“Shell is the latest energy giant to announce eye-watering profits of over £32 billion in another body blow for people who cannot afford to turn the heating on.

“Workers and families are not getting a fair deal; they are struggling to pay crippling energy bills and the companies responsible for these prices are pocketing their highest ever profits.

“It’s time to end the energy rip-off that is forcing people into hardship by slashing the profits of the big corporations who are doing very well from this crisis.

“I will be writing to the British Chancellor urging him to place another Windfall Tax on these companies to cut these obscene profits. They cannot sit on their hands any longer.

“They money raised from this extra tax should be redirected into the pockets of hardworking families who are at breaking point and away from mega-rich shareholders.”

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