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Molloy denounces phone hacking of Bahraini pro-democracy activists

7 February, 2023 - by Francie Molloy

Francie Molloy MP has condemned the government of Bahrain for hacking the phones of pro-democracy Bahraini activists and political exiles.

The Mid Ulster MP was speaking from London after addressing a meeting, alongside party colleague Mickey Brady MP, of pro-democracy Bahraini activists.

Francie Molloy said: 

"I was glad for the opportunity today to extend our solidarity to the people of Bahrain. Many of the people we spoke to today are political exiles who face imprisonment, torture, or worse if they return home.

"It was noteworthy that just this morning the British High Court indicted the Bahrain government for hacking the computers of Bahraini activists living in Britain.

"The brutality and repression of Bahrain's security services is to be condemned by all who uphold the principle of democracy. It is not surprising for us to hear that the British government continues to fund and support such a regime.

"I was very happy to extend Sinn Féin’s solidarity to pro-democracy activists today.

"As a party, we believe in democracy, we believe in rights, and we believe in the power of ordinary people. That is why Sinn Féin supports the calls for democracy and peace in Bahrain." 

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