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No return to Unionist domination

3 May, 2006

Sinn Féin Finance Newry Armagh MP Conor Murphy has warned unionists that there will no return to the dark days of unionist domination in the drive to see political institutions re-established in the time ahead.

Mr Murphy said:

"Sinn Fein are absolutely committed to the restoration of the Assembly, Executive and all-Ireland Ministerial Council. No one wants to see a feeble talking shop except possibly the DUP.

"The objective must be to take Executive decision making away from unaccountable British direct rule ministers who are driven by a Whitehall agenda. People want to see local accountable ministers taking responsibility for the important decisions affecting all of our futures.

"Unionists should be under no illusions. Nationalists will not stand for any backdoor attempt to establish anything that falls well short of the institutions of the Good Friday Agreement, particularly where the important checks and balances underpinned by the power-sharing Executive are ignored.

"No-one wants a return of failed political entities like the political forums of the past that were dominated by unionists. This is why Sinn Fein is only interested in progress that has the return of the Executive at its heart. There is no place for a corporate or shadow Assembly or committees dominated by unionists.

"This is at the nub of the problem for unionism. They refuse to acknowledge that nationalists have little or no trust in the approach of unionists to power-sharing and even less faith in the ability of unionists, particularly from the DUP, to reject the political domination and discrimination of the past. That is a challenge which they must overcome." ENDS

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