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‘Working for All’ – Sinn Féin launch council election manifesto

9 May, 2023 - by Mary Lou McDonald TD

Sinn Féin President Mary Lou McDonald has said the local council elections are an opportunity to endorse positive leadership and to endorse local councillors who will work for all.

Speaking at the launch of the party’s manifesto for the local council elections, Mary Lou McDonald said: 

“This is a time for hope, for positivity and for optimism. Real change is happening before our eyes. A generation moving forward to build a new and better future for all.  A new Ireland, a United Ireland delivering for every person, for every family, for every community.

“People want politics to work for them and their families. They want investment in a health system that works, the very best childcare and education and strong local services. They want economic opportunities realised so that our young people can have a good future.

“They want the Executive working, they want government for all and they want Michelle O’ Neill to lead the Executive as First Minister working for all, delivering for all.

“We are now twelve months on from the Assembly election with one party continuing to block a new Executive being formed while Tory austerity is devastating public services and progress is stalled.

“This puts an even greater importance on the council election on 18th May.

“It is an opportunity to endorse positive leadership at a time when we need it most and to work together to deliver real change.

“It is an opportunity to support a party that is ready to get the Assembly and Executive up and running.

“It is an opportunity to elect people rooted in the community to represent local needs, deliver strong local services and get the job done. 

“Sinn Féin’s goal of becoming the largest party in local government for the first time is not about seats in councils, it’s about what you do when you have that strength.

“It’s time to work together. It is time to build a better future for all.”

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