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People of Dublin should send out the message that British warship is not wanted in Ireland - Mary Lou McDonald

29 June, 2006

Sinn Féin National Chairperson and Dublin MEP Mary Lou McDonald has today urged the people of Dublin to oppose the docking of a British warship in Dublin which, she said, "symbolized the continuing suffering of the Iraqi people and the occupation of Iraq".

Ms McDonald made her comments as the British Warship HMS Ocean is due to dock in Dublin today. The warship took part in the opening days of the assault on Iraq in 2003.

Speaking today Ms McDonald said:

"There is a tremendous depth of feeling against the Iraq war all across Ireland and in 2003 more than 100,000 people marched in Dublin in opposition. Thousands upon thousands of people have died in Iraq since the most recent US/British led invasion in 2003. Many of those deaths have come at the hands of weapons such as those aboard the British Warship which will dock in Dublin today. We should also not lose sight of the fact that this ship also serves as a reminder of the continued occupation of the North East of Ireland by the British Army.

"It must be remembered that today‚s Œvisit‚ comes against the backdrop of Ireland‚s complicity in CIA rendition flights, continued use of Shannon Airport for foreign troop movement to the Middle East and the Irish Government‚s plans to incorporate Ireland into European Union Battle Groups.

"I would call upon people all across Dublin to come out to this evenings rally and let their voices be heard and that they are opposed to the hijacking of Dublin Port for the purpose of showcasing the British Army‚s components of war." ENDS

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