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Adams - Responsibility Rests With Governments

29 June, 2006

"Thus far in meetings of the Preparation for Government committee the DUP have made a convincing case that they are not up for a deal.

"We listened closely to what Mr Ahern and Mr Blair said today. But they must know that the Hain Assembly is a farce and is undermining public confidence in the process.

"For our part, we told the Taoiseach and the British Prime Minister that they must act to bring about the full implementation of the Good Friday Agreement. Words are not enough.

"That means strengthening and enhancing the all-Ireland institutional arrangements, as well as removing the barriers to greater co-ordination and co-operation on social, economic, health, agriculture and education matters.

"The onus is on shaping the process, firstly to implement the Agreement and advance peoples rights and entitlements, and secondly to persuade the DUP to come on board, This responsibility rests with the two governments." ENDS

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