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Doherty expecting additional investment on A5/N2 route

11 July, 2006

West Tyrone Sinn Féin MP Pat Doherty says he is now expecting both governments to bring forward proposals for additional investment in the A5/N2 Derry to Dublin Road, following correspondence on the issue with David Cairns MP, the Direct Rule Parliamentary Under Secretary of State.

Mr Doherty said,

"As part of the campaign demanding the upgrading, to motorway/dual carriageway status, of the N14/A5/N2 route between the north west and Dublin, I have been lobbying the relevant NIO and Dublin government Ministers and seeking meetings with them to discuss this essential infrastructural foundation for the socio-economic regeneration of the north west region.

"In a response from NIO Minister David Cairns, I received the first official indication that both governments are now approaching the issue in a co-ordinated and strategic manner.

"In his letter, Mr Cairns said that both governments have commissioned the DRD Roads Service in the 6 counties and the National Road's Authority in the 26 counties to compile a joint report on cross border infrastructure. He said that the report, which is due shortly, would include additional proposals for further investment in 5 key north south arterial routes including the A5/N2 route.

"Sinn Fein ongoing campaign for the development of motorway/dual carriageway and rail transport infrastructure for the north west and border counties has been reinforced by joint proposals by the Irish Central Cross Border Area Network (ICBAN) and the North West Region Cross Border Group (NWRCBG)

"There is now a collective demand by the elected representatives of the people in the North West and Border Counties for Division 1A Transport infrastructure so as to enable this region to compete on an equal basis with other regions of Ireland which are miles ahead in terms of transport infrastructure.

"Therefore the forthcoming proposals for further investment in these 5 key north south arterial routes will be judged on how far they go in tackling the infrastructure deficit in this part of Ireland." ENDS

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