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Morgan - SAS Revelations raise fundamental questions

13 July, 2006

Sinn Féin TD for Louth Arthur Morgan has said the revelations about the arrest and release of an SAS gang in County Louth in 1976, which appears in this mornings Irish News, raises fundamental questions.

Deputy Morgan said:

“These revelations raise a number of very serious questions. At this time at least four people were murdered in mysterious circumstances in the border area, including Seamus Ludlow and Peter Cleary here in County Louth. Nobody was ever charged with these killings although loyalists or elements of the British state were always suspected.

“The confidential documents published in the Irish News this morning also reveal an alarming attitude displayed by the Irish government of the day and in particular the Justice Minister of the time Paddy Cooney. They were all too willing to play along in a cover-up being orchestrated by Downing Street rather than standing up and demanding answers on behalf of the Irish people. His attitude and that of the government he was part of is disgraceful. He even goes as far as to say that if he had heard of the incident first he would have ensured the safe return of the SAS gang with no questions asked.

“Paddy Cooney’s conduct and that of the Fine Gael Administration requires close scrutiny and I believe that these revelations will be the tip of the iceberg regarding the shameful relationship he and the administration carried on with the British authorities behind the backs of the Irish people.” ENDS

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