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Mc Guinness calls on Unionist leaders to speak out

27 July, 2003

Mid-Ulster MP Martin Mc Guinness has called on Unionist Leaders - political and community- to speak out against those individuals or groups involved in attacks on Catholic churches and other property that is perceived to be owned by Catholics or members and organisations from the nationalist community.

Mr Mc Guinness made his call following the latest sectarian attack on St john‚s Chapel on the Castledawson Road in his Mid-Ulster Constituency.

The Sinn Féin MP said:

"It is incumbent on unionist politicians and community leaders to speak out in the strongest terms in denouncing those responsible for the arson attack on St John‚s Chapel on the Castledawson Road. This is just the latest in a long number of attacks on Catholics and their property in the Magherafelt area over recent months. Sectarianism from whatever source is a cancer in society that can not be ignored lest it spreads."

"It is imperative that responsible people let these bigoted few that indulge in this type of hatred know that they will not be tolerated in our communities. Whether these attacks are directed at Catholic or Protestant Churches, Orange or GAA halls or individuals homes they are wrong and must be stopped."

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