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Increase in backyard burning direct result of bin charges - Morgan

27 July, 2006

Sinn Féin Environment spokesperson Arthur Morgan TD has said bin charges are directly responsible for the results of a report from the Environmental Protection Agency which highlighted that backyard burning of waste is a significant problem for 80% of local authorities and is responsible for 50% of all dioxin emissions in the state. Deputy Morgan also called for thirty-two county National Enforcement Body to deal with illegal waste issues.

He said, "While the EPA report has highlighted an increase in dioxin emissions resulting from illegal backyard burning it must be remembered that we will soon have much more dioxin emissions resulting from legal burning of waste in incinerators throughout the country.

"The increase in backyard burning is just one of the developments that Sinn Féin predicted would happen when bin charges were first spoken of. The reason for the increase in is that people feel cheated, are unwilling to pay stealth taxes and are turning to extreme measures to avoid doing so.

"Now, following a threat to Ireland from the EU, the Irish public could be facing a 21% increase in bin charges. This increase will be felt most by those on low income and social welfare benefits. This is an unjust stealth tax that is now causing serious problems for our environment and it should be abolished.

"The EPA report also highlights advantages of good cooperation with its counterpart in the Six Counties. This would surely be advanced further by the establishment of a thirty-two county National Enforcement Body to deal with illegal waste issues including illegal waste operators north and south of the border." ENDS

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