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Adams - British should convene Programme for Government

13 November, 2006

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams today called on the British and Irish governments to convene a meeting of the Programme for Government Committee. Mr. Adams said:

"Over the weekend we have been in contact with the British and Irish governments and we have been urging them to convene a meeting of the Programme for Government Committee.

"There is now less than two weeks to the 24th November and the nomination of Ian Paisley and Martin McGuinness as First and Deputy First Minister designate.

Commenting on reports in the media that there are threats to leading republicans Mr. Adams said:

"There have been growing concerns for a while now of a coming together between a tiny number of disaffected former IRA people and elements of various micro groups including some members of the INLA. This has become more serious as a debate within Sinn Féin has opened up on the issue of ending political policing. We believe that there is an active threat to senior members of the Sinn Féin leadership and we are taking this matter seriously.

"It is important that whatever concerns republicans might have about current political developments they should not allow themselves to be exploited or manipulated by individuals who are now operating to their own malign agenda and who should know better.

"We will not be deflected from what we think is the right thing to do." ENDS

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