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Maskey welcomes presentation of flooding report to the Lower Ormeau community

28 November, 2006

South Belfast Sinn Féin MLA Alex Maskey has welcomed the Water Service's moves to present their findings into last year's flooding in the Lower Ormeau area directly to the local community. The findings will be presented at a meeting in the area tomorrow night.

The South Belfast MLA said,
"In the period following the floods, both the Water Service and the then Minister Shaun Woodward promised to address the local community directly and put their findings to them.

"So far the Water Service's report has been presented to a number of political and community representatives from the area. I have repeatedly made it clear to the Water Service and it's Chief Executive that they need to present this report directly to the Lower Ormeau community.

"A large number of people in this community are still feeling the after effects of the flooding and they are still in the dark as to what the reasons for the flooding were and what the Water Service intends to do to ensure that it does not occur again. I would  welcome, then, the moves by the Water Service to present their findings directly to the community".CRÍOCH

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