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Unionism failing to face up to truth about collusion

6 February, 2007

Sinn Féin MP Michelle Gildernew responding to the Ken Maginnis attack on the Police Ombudsman has said that it is yet further evidence of the deep and profound inability of unionism to face up to the truth about collusion.

Ms Gildernew said:

"The Police Ombudsman's Report into the murder of Raymond McCord jnr represents the tip of the iceberg. Yet not only did it expose the extent and nature of collusion it also cruelly exposed the deep and profound failure of unionism to face up to the truth about collusion.

"You have to wonder whether certain unionists really have any commitment to delivering real accountability into the policing structures and to the rule of law and policing that is free from partisan political control.

"Ken Maginnis would make a more positive contribution to the future of our society and the development of a new beginning to policing and justice if he challenged both former and serving members of the PSNI, RUC, RIR and UDR, of which he was a member, to co-operate fully with the Police Ombudsman

"The fact is that, particularly former members of the RUC and PSNI have not co-operated with Nuala O`Loan and indeed the Ombudsman has highlighted the destruction of evidence by such former members as frustrating future prosecutions and convictions." ENDS

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