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EU Commission must respond to Incineration Rulings

13 February, 2007

Bairbre de Brún MEP has called on the European Commission to work now on the necessary clarity based on the European Court of Justice rulings on the principal purpose of facilities such as municipal waste incinerators.

Ms de Brún was speaking after the European Parliament voted in first reading to back the Environment committee's decision rejecting the Commission proposal to re-brand municipal waste incinerators as recovery rather than disposal based on certain criteria.

Ms de Brún said:

"The European Parliament has stated clearly today that the use of the Commission's proposed formula to re-brand municipal waste incinerators as recovery based on certain criteria is not acceptable. I call on the Council and Commission to now move away from this formula.

"I also call on Member States to invest in the proper recycling infrastructure in line with the European Parliament's clear vote to move towards a re-cycling society. MEPs from across Europe have shown their faith in waste prevention, re-use and recycling and now national governments must do the same."

While regretting that more clear and qualified targets were not carried in today's vote on the framework waste directive, Ms de Brún welcomed the vote in the European Parliament to back the main thrust of the Environment Committee's decisions, mainly with respect to the binding reference to the 5 step waste hierarchy, and to the definition of prevention, re-use and recycling. She also warmly welcomed the vote to maintain the obligation on member states to provide waste prevention plans including stabilisation and reduction of the waste produced in the first place. ENDS

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