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McGuinness - Registration needs to be followed by institutions

13 March, 2007

Speaking after Assembly members registered today in the chamber, Sinn Féin Chief Negotiator Martin McGuinness said that the next step had to be getting the institutions fully functioning.

Mr McGuinness said:

“If today’s registration of members is to mean anything then it has to be followed on March 26th with the Assembly, Executive and all-Ireland Bodies going live. Achieving this remains our objective in the short time that remains to get the business done.

“We remain positive that we can achieve a functioning Executive and Assembly in the timeframe demanded by the two governments at St. Andrews. All of the parties with the exception of the DUP stand ready to enter government now.

“It is my hope that in the course of the next two weeks Ian Paisley commits himself and his party to sharing power with the rest of us on the basis of equality. If he chooses to do this then we can sit down and begin to tackle head on issues like water charges, rate increases and ongoing cuts in health and education. This is what the people voted for last week in overwhelming numbers.” ENDS

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