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Sinn Féin Education Minister Caítriona Ruane on campaign trail in Dublin

11 May, 2007

Sinn Féin Minister of Education in the northern Assembly Caítriona Ruane is on the campaign trail this evening (May 11th) where she will join general election candidate Cllr. Felix Gallagher in Dublin West.

Caítriona Ruane & Felix Gallagher will meet a Dublin 15 School Action Group in the Mother of Hope School in Community Centre, Littlepace, Clonee at 6pm to discuss the ongoing school-places crisis in the constituency. INTO figures show that Dublin 15 will require an additional 5 new primary schools and 3 new secondary schools in addition to those already in the pipeline.

In advance of this evenings meeting Cllr. Gallagher said:

"Ireland is now a first class economy with a third world attitude to investment in critical public services. Class sizes in this state are the second highest in Europe yet the government has failed to deliver on its promise to reduce primary school places to a 20:1 ratio.

"Due to government inaction on school infrastructure hundreds of parents in this community face uncertainty as they wait to be told if their child has a place in their first year in primary or secondary school. The Department of Education's response has been to add a classroom or prefab to existing school structures which is wholly inadequate. The provision of school infrastructure must be factored into all future housing developments and government funds must be immediately allocated to the building of new schools."

After the meeting Caítriona Ruane will join Cllr. Gallagher and local Sinn Féin activists on a canvass in the Littlepace Estate in Clonee between 7 and 8.30pm.

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