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Gerry Adams comments on end of ETA ceasefire

5 June, 2007

Commenting after it was announced that ETA had ended its ceasefire, Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams urged restraint on all sides and called for renewed efforts to put the Basque Peace Process back on track.

Mr Adams said:

"Everyone who has been involved in attempting to get a viable peace process operating in the Basque country is disappointed at the breakdown in the process over recent months and today's announcement from ETA ending its ceasefire.

"However the lessons of the Irish Peace Process and indeed every conflict resolution process throughout the world tells us that it is now important to redouble efforts to put the process there back on track.

"All sides should show restraint and do everything in their power to ensure that a process is put in place which can allow this conflict to be resolved peacefully through genuine dialogue and engagement." ENDS

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