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Wear a Black Ribbon for Truth - Adams

30 July, 2007

This year's annual August national march in Belfast has as its theme 'March for Truth'.

The objective of the march is to draw attention to the major issue of collusion and British state violence, and the administrative and institutional cover-up by the British government and its state agencies, of a policy which resulted in many thousands of victims who were killed or injured or bereaved.

Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams MP MLA is urging people to come out in their thousands in support of the many families who are campaigning for Truth.

He is also asking everyone to wear on the day of the march and rally a black ribbon in solidarity with their families.

Speaking ahead of the July 31st end to the so-called 'Operation Banner' Mr. Adams said:

"During over three decades of conflict successive British governments employed shoot-to-kill operations; rubber and plastic bullets; counter-gangs directly run by MI5 and others, as well as the various unionist paramilitary organisations to wage a war of
terror against the nationalist and republican people.

"Thousands were injured, over a thousand people killed and many families were forced to flee their homes.

"Collusion and the use of counter-gangs were an integral part of British policy.

"The decision to pursue this approach was taken at the highest levels of the British state and in some instances the orders to kill came directly from Downing Street and were subsequently publicly defended by British Ministers.

"In recent time a series of reports by the Ombudsman's office and by international jurists into scores of killings have exposed the extent to which British intelligence, MI5, the UDR and the RUC Special Branch managed the death squads, provided information, weapons and training in the use of those weapons.

"I am appealing for people to demonstrate their support and solidarity with all of the victims and their families by attending the march on August 12th and by wearing a black ribbon on the day." ENDS

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