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Deirdre Hargey


Statements (53)

DUP reneges again on commitment to bin the bedroom tax – Hargey4 November, 2021

Hargey calls on DUP to end block on Bedroom Tax protections21 October, 2021

DUP inaction on north south meetings hampering government business – Hargey1 October, 2021

‘Johnson making workers’ pay the price of the pandemic’ - Hargey7 September, 2021

Hargey condemns loyalist threat against mother and child1 August, 2021

Online campaign of hate against Naíscoil ‘outrageous’ – Hargey28 July, 2021

Residents have the right to live free from fear, attacks and intimidation – Hargey9 July, 2021

Hargey calls for those who put up flag outside school to remove it1 July, 2021

Attempts to intimidate residents can't succeed - Hargey23 June, 2021

Hargey looks to legal action on DUP boycott of north south bodies2 June, 2021

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