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Money in your pocket

Giving workers and families a break by increasing incomes and reducing the unsustainable cost of living.

On the surface, our economy is producing high growth and low unemployment. Beneath the surface, many are living on the breadline.

Sinn Féin want to create a society where work pays and wages deliver security and a good quality of life.

With nearly one quarter of Irish workers on low pay, we have the third highest proportion of low paid workers among developed economies. They need - and deserve - a pay rise as well as greater job security.

Sinn Féin solutions:

Introduce a Living Wage

Nobody can be expected to live on a minimum wage. Sinn Féin will replace the minimum wage with a Living Wage of €12.30 per hour.

End the insurance rip-off

Sinn Féin will reduce all non-life insurance premiums by 5% through abolishing government levies, we will ban dual-pricing by the insurance industry and extend the National Claims Database to employer and public liability insurance.   

Protect and strengthen worker representation

Workers’ rights are consistently being eroded. Sinn Féin will strengthen trade union collective bargaining rights so workers get a fair share of employer profits.

Protect our most vulnerable

Increase social welfare payments so people with disabilities or caring and parenting responsibilities have a good life while eradicating child poverty.

Fairness and sustainability

Sinn Féin will enforce equal pay for equal work in the public sector and will prioritise graduate jobs across rural Ireland.

Reduce and freeze rents

Sinn Féin will reduce and freeze spiralling rents to give private renters a break and put a month’s rent back into their pockets through a rent reduction tax relief.

Childcare reform

Commence a transformational 5-year programme of childcare that ensures childcare workers are properly paid while also slashing childcare fees for parents by two thirds.

Reducing the cost of education

Sinn Féin will abolish student fees, introduce free fares on public transport for all children and introduce an annual ‘Back to School Bonus Child Benefit Payment’ of €140 for all recipients of child benefit.

Relevant policy documents: