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Cartlann Doiciméad Polasaí

Breathnaigh, roinn nó íoslódáil ár ndoiciméid polasaí deireanacha sa rannóg cartlainne speisialta seo.

Moving Forward Together

11 March, 2014

There are approximately 70 million citizens across the globe who claim Irish roots. Over the centuries the Irish have been forced to leave our homeland in order to find work and a better future for their families. We take huge pride in our diaspora. It is of profound importance that we do all in our power to foster and ensure the strengthening of positive relationships and connections. To do so, Sinn Féin believes that we need a diaspora strategy which is government-led and fully resourced.

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Seven years after the onset of the economic crisis, some progress has been made in instilling better corporate governance on State boards. However, there remains a worrying lack of State imposed standards, and monitoring of those standards, for company boards. This 2014 document outlines 5 clear proposals to promote better, accountable and transparent governance.

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Towards a New Republic

28 February, 2014

The political system has failed the people of Ireland. Public disillusionment has grown as the role of the Government and the Establishment parties in bringing about the economic crisis has become more apparent. This has been exacerbated by revelations of corruption, outrageous expenses claims and an ineffectual Oireachtas. Sinn Féin believes that it is time for fundamental political reform.

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Standing up for Rural Ireland

26 September, 2013

This September 2013 document is the culmination of a year-long series of grassroots community engagements and consultation led by the Sinn Féin leadership as part of our Defending Rural Ireland campaign. This discussion document examines what change is required to reverse the cycle of decline across rural Ireland and sets proposals to sustain rural Ireland by securing a fairer deal for rural households, creating and retaining jobs in rural communities, protecting rural schools and services, ensuring equal access to health services and maximising support for our Gaeltacht areas.

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Policy Document Archive

30 July, 2011

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