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Raymond McCartney


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Raymond is married to Rose and they have a son, Conchúr.

A former political prisoner and Hunger Striker Raymond has been centrally involved in the formulation of Sinn Féin’s political programme for over twenty years.

First elected to the Assembly in 2004, Raymond has now served three terms at the Assembly.

He is Deputy Chairperson of the Justice Committee and Sinn Féin Assembly Group Leader.

Raymond has a keen interest in sport, and has worked closely with Derry City Football Club on the proposed regeneration of the Brandywell Stadium.

He is also an Irish language activist and advocate of the Irish medium education sector.

Raymond is also chairperson of Coiste na n-Iar Chimí, the umbrella group for organisations who work with political ex-prisoners and their families.

Statements (309)

McCartney welcomes UN Committee call on Finucane and HIU23 July, 2015

McCartney condemns Bogside disturbances14 July, 2015

Derry Jobs announcement welcome - McCartney2 July, 2015

New Derry jobs announcement welcomed24 June, 2015

Prison Ombudsman report disappointing - McCartney24 June, 2015

McCartney condemns Eglinton bomb attack18 June, 2015

Campaign to clear Gerald Donaghy’s name will continue11 June, 2015

Bloody Sunday families need to be kept appraised during investigation5 June, 2015

Diplock courts undermine principles of justice - McCartney4 June, 2015

Hooded Men high court decision welcomed4 June, 2015

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