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John Finucane


john finucane

Statements (129)

The people of Ireland will decide their own future - Finucane10 July, 2021

Finucane urges people to register to vote1 July, 2021

Finucane praises Fire Fighters after major Belfast blaze28 June, 2021

‘There can be no no-go areas for government ministers’ – Finucane18 June, 2021

Finucane hails 800 new jobs for Belfast16 June, 2021

Irish government needs to catch up with the people and begin planning for unity - Finucane1 June, 2021

PSNI must investigate claims UDA intimidation subverted DUP leadership contest – Finucane28 May, 2021

Preparations for unity referendum must be stepped up - Finucane26 May, 2021

Finucane condemns sectarian attack23 May, 2021

British government needs to clarify LCC meeting reports - Finucane12 May, 2021

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