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Kathleen Funchion - Spokesperson on Children, Equality and Disability

Kathleen Funchion is your Sinn Féin TD for Carlow and Kilkenny since 2016 and Sinn Féin’s Spokesperson on Children, Equality and Disability.

She currently sits on the Oireachtas Children and Youth Affairs Committee. 

Previous roles during her time working as a TD in Leinster House since 2016 have been Sinn Féin Spokesperson for Education and Skills and Chairperson for the Oireachtas Committee on the Good Friday Agreement.

Kathleen was elected to Kilkenny Borough Council in 2009 - the first Sinn Féin representative to be elected in Kilkenny since 1923. 

She holds a postgraduate qualification in employment law and was employed as a workers’ rights advocate in her previous role prior to entering politics. She lives in Kilkenny with her two young sons.

Contact Information

Email: [email protected]

Carlow Office: 

Church Road


Co Carlow

Mobile: 087 3281568

Drop-in clinics: Mondays 12:30pm-2:00pm in Bagnelstown

Kilkenny Office:

22 Upper Patrick Street


Tel: 0567764730

Drop-in clinics: Mondays 09:30am to 11.30am in Kilkenny

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