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Mickey Brady


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Phone: 02830261693

Mickey Brady is rooted in the community and throughout his life has been a tireless activist for social justice and equality. Across the constituency his Welfare Advice Centres have helped countless people, and all too often Mickey Brady was the only thing that stood between local families and poverty or eviction. He is the candidate of integrity; the candidate of experience and the candidate of achievement.

Sinn Féin is the only party capable of bringing the voice of Newry and Armagh to Stormont, the Dáil, the British Government and Europe. The political landscape in Europe is changing, and Sinn Féin is articulating a vision for a new and agreed Ireland based on fairness, respect and equality.

Statements (220)

Incapacity Benefit Appeal Process Needs Reviewed21 May, 2012

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Benefit Consultation or PR exercise? - Brady25 January, 2012

'Fit-for work' test not fit for purpose - Brady24 January, 2012

Regulation needed for home-heating oil industry - Micky Brady6 January, 2012

Cancer sufferers winter payment welcome - Brady8 December, 2011

British government policy is driving child poverty2 December, 2011

Cancer sufferers still left out in the cold - Brady19 October, 2011

Pension age change will lead to further hardship - Brady13 October, 2011

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