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Órfhlaith Begley



Email: [email protected] 
Phone: 028 82 253040

Órfhlaith Begley is the Sinn Féin MP for West Tyrone and has lived in Carrickmore, County Tyrone all of her life.

A Republican activist from a young age, she has been an active member of the Frank Ward/ Joe McGarrity Sinn Féin Cumann based in the Carrickmore and Creggan area.

Órfhlaith has always had an interest in politics, graduating with a degree in Law with Politics from Queen’s University, Belfast. 

Following this, she continued her education at Queen’s and studied at the Institute of Professional and Legal Studies graduating as a solicitor.

A passionate Human Rights advocate she worked in a general solicitor practice before being elected as the first female Member of Parliament for West Tyrone.

Statements (52)

Begley welcomes High Court recommendation for Omagh bomb investigation23 July, 2021

Begley hopes inquest findings will help Arkinson family22 July, 2021

'Relook at Michaela McAreavey case an important step' - Begley14 June, 2021

Begley calls for increase provision of medicinal cannabis20 April, 2021

Minister’s decision leaves A5 project further back than ever - Begley16 March, 2021

Begley writes to Health Minister on mental health services15 February, 2021

Begley welcomes progress on Dublin Road21 January, 2021

Begley welcomes A5 and A6 announcement18 January, 2021

Minister must take steps to address vaccine postcode lottery - Begley18 January, 2021

Begley calls on Irish Government to uplift A5 contribution12 November, 2020

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