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Paul Maskey


Paul Maskey has been a republican activist for his entire adult life.

He was first elected to Belfast City Council in 2001 when he topped the poll in the Upper Falls constituency.

Paul remained on the council until 2009 during which time he was Sinn Féin’s group leader from 2005 to 2007.

In 2007 Paul was first elected to the Assembly for West Belfast and then again in 2011.

In 2011 Paul was elected as MP for West Belfast in a by-election and was reelected again in 2015.

Paul is renowned for being a hard working MP who is easily accessible on the ground in West Belfast with his constituency office providing an excellent service to the people of the area.

Statements (199)

Paul Maskey praises chemist staff who foiled robbery18 August, 2016

Maskey condemns bus attack4 August, 2016

Vision of 1916 remains relevant – Maskey3 August, 2016

City centres are shared spaces capable of facilitating parades from all traditions - Maskey2 August, 2016

Maskey welcomes move on living wage for Health and Social Care staff28 July, 2016

Maskey welcomes pay move for health workers19 July, 2016

Maskey condemns west Belfast gun attack18 July, 2016

Urgent action needed to tackle damage and misery caused by bonfires - Maskey13 July, 2016

Maskey condemns threat against water workers21 June, 2016

Maskey slams Woodvale sectarian graffiti20 June, 2016

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