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Outlined below is an overview of our policies as well as our Policy Document Archive

Policy Documents - View, share or download our recent policy documents in this special section.

Better For Health - Sinn Féin’s policy is a costed and credible plan to deliver world class universal healthcare. Our policy would end the chaos of A&E overcrowding, the two tier health system and health inequalities across the board.

Better For Housing - Adequate shelter is one of the most basic human needs and is consequently one of the most important human rights.

Brexit - Special status for the North within the EU - Sinn Féin believes that the only credible approach is for the north to be designated a special status within the EU and for the whole island of Ireland to remain within the EU together.

An Ghaeilge - Léiríotar sa bheartas polasaí seo cuid de na céimeanna de dhíth chun na Gaeltachta agus na Gaeilge a chosaint ó thuilleadh creimidh agus tús a chur le hathbhunú uirthi mar theanga bheo bheoga do shaoránaigh na hÉireann.

Equal Rights For Irish Speakers - Sinn Féin supports the restoration of the Irish language as the spoken language among the majority of people in Ireland and the creation of a truly bilingual society.

A New Deal For The West - Sinn Féin has a vision for the West of Ireland. A vision to make it a sustainable place to live and work. A place where the quality of life is matched by the quality of public services.

Better for Childcare - Sinn Féin sees childcare as a public service for both children and parents. When it works, a State’s childcare system can be a huge employer; help with the health and mental development of our smallest children; facilitate parents, especially women, to access the workforce; and be a positive component of economic growth.

Prioritising Disability Inclusion - An audio version of our Prioritising Disability Inclusion document here. Sinn Féin has a vision for society in which all citizens can participate fully in life without being left behind. We will further the rights of people with disabilities, not diminish them. 

A Republic for all - The republican vision of a united Ireland is based on the principles of equality, inclusion and sovereignty. There can be no place for sectarianism, exclusion or discrimination.

General Election 2016 Manifesto - Sinn Féin General Election 2016 Manifesto.

A New Way of Doing Politics - There is an urgent need for meaningful political reform of both our political culture and the political system.

A Fair Tax System - A fair recovery requires a tax system that raises sufficient revenue for government but does so in a manner that is fair and progressive.

Opposing Tory Cuts - In the north of Ireland, Sinn Fein blocked the Welfare Bill and the cuts that the Tories demanded we impose on the most vulnerable.

Decent Work And A Living Wage - The number one priority must be the creation of decent jobs with decent pay, and a real commitment to our SME sector.

Dealing With The Debt - Sinn Féin firmly believes that a better deal on both the public and private debt is possible.