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Have a look at some of our key proposals below or view our fully costed Manifesto for Change here.

Sinn Féin will take on the housing crisis and we will solve it

Sinn Féin will deliver the biggest public housing programme in our history, we will cut rents and freeze them and we will ensure that affordable housing is available and really affordable to people. Sinn Féin will end the scandal of homelessness.

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Sinn Féin will give workers and families a break

There is something fundamentally wrong when four years after this government came into office people have less money in their pockets. We will reduce the cost of childcare. We will stop the pension age increase to 67 and will return it to 65. We will take 1 million workers out of the USC. That’s real economic recovery, that’s money in people’s pockets and that’s what really counts.

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Sinn Féin will work for Irish Unity

The only people not talking about Irish Unity are the government. The institutions in the north are back up and running, we need a national forum, a citizens Assembly to have the discussion and we need to start the planning for the Unity referendum.

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We want to make Childcare and Early Childhood Education a public service. We will invest to ensure workers in the sector are properly paid and have a good career ladder. We will reduce the cost of childcare by an average of €500 per month per child.We will extend paid maternity leave to 52 weeks and increase maternity benefit by €50.

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People should feel safe in their communities. We will crack down on crime. We will recruit the maximum number of Gardaí each year, so Garda numbers reach record levels – 16,000. This will mean thousands more Gardaí on the streets, patrolling in local communities. This will ensure faster response times and safer communities.

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Cost of delivering our proposals

Our manifesto has been costed by the relevant government departments and is affordable and can be delivered. There will be no borrowing necessary. In fact we will run surpluses and have a surplus of more than €3bn in 2025. All taxpayers who earn under €100,000 will see a decrease in their tax of up to €700 a year.

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