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A Fair Recovery Is Possible

Sinn Féin has launched a state wide campaign for a Fair Recovery. The campaign will involve a series of public meetings and the distribution of close to one million leaflets door to door.

This campaign is about setting out some of Sinn Féin’s priorities and to start a debate about the future, about what type of country and society we want to live in, about equality, and the type of recovery we want.

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Some sights and sounds from the Annual Wolfe Tone Commemoration in Bodenstown, Co. Kildare on June 21, 2015. Main speaker Sinn Féin deputy leader, Mary Lou McDonald TD. During the course of her speech she talked about the need for a fair economic recovery north and south; demanded the British to come clean about collusion; and expressed solidarity with the people of Greece.

Martin McGuinness speaking at Stormont said that Sinn Féin's conditional support for the budget bill will create the space to resolve outstanding issues and ensure the executive has workable and sustainable finances and see the full implementation of the Stormont House Agreement.

Latest Statements


Sinn Féin MLA Jennifer McCann said tonight that the news police are treating the death yesterday of 30-year-old mother of three Jennifer Dornan as murder has “sent shock waves through the local community”.

Jennifer McCann said:

“I am deeply saddened to learn that the PSNI has launched a murder investigation into the death yesterday of Jennifer Dornan, a mother of three children.

“This news has sent shock waves through the local community who have rallied round her family.

“I am urging anyone in the community with information which may assist the police inquiry into Jennifer’s death to come forward right away.

“This is a time for calm heads and the community needs to support the family and help the police get on with their job of finding Jennifer’s killer.” ENDS/CRÍOCH


Sinn Féin MLA and Finance Committee chairperson Daithí McKay has said the Stormont inquiry set up to examine the sale of NAMA's northern portfolio will leave no stone unturned.

Mr McKay said;

"Two weeks ago the Finance Committee agreed to invite the Permanent Secretary of DFP to come back before the Committee's NAMA Inquiry this week due to a lack of answers to members' questions.

"The Finance minister Arlene Foster has written to me to say she has sought legal advice to ensure her department does not take any steps which might prejudice the criminal investigation being carried out by the NCA into the sale of NAMA’s northern portfolio.  

“The minister wrote that her department has been advised not to share further information with the committee until the department has engaged with the NCA.  

“While it is disappointing that the Permanent Secretary will not be appearing at the Finance Committee this week the inquiry will continue its work to shed light on these transactions.

“We are firmly focused on areas that are clearly not affected by the NCA investigation as reflected in our terms of reference.

"No stone will be left unturned in our determination to establish the full facts of what happened.

"The committee will continue in its efforts to inquire into all aspects of this important issue and will this week give full consideration to using our powers to compel the handing over of papers and to compel witnesses to appear before us if we feel it necessary." 


Sinn Féin MLA Phil Flanagan has welcomed the launch of a public consultation by the Employment & Learning Minister Stephen Farry into the frequency of student support payments.

Mr Flanagan said: 

"At present, student support payments are paid in three instalments over the academic year, in October, January and after Easter.

“This makes it very difficult for students to budget and causes great financial distress to many people. No other section of our society would be expected to budget in such a way.

“I have raised this issue with Stephen Farry on a number of occasions in recent years, and every time I did there was huge interest among the student population for this change to be made.  

"When I launched a public petition calling for the frequency of payments to be changed it attracted a large number of signatures in a very short period.

"I am hopeful that there will be widespread support for a change to a more frequent payment scheme to allow students to budget better." 


North Antrim MLA Daithí McKay will be in Dublin tomorrow for the launch of on Sinn Féin proposals on the future of NAMA. 

Speaking ahead of the launch, Mr McKay said; 

"The Sinn Féin discussion paper outlines our key proposals to ensure that NAMA delivers value for money for ratepayers. 

"Given the recent fall out and the ongoing Finance Committee into the sale of the NAMA's northern portfolio, it is essential a full public discussion is held around these issues. 

"This discussion paper includes proposals to strengthen the current scrutiny of NAMA's activities, maximise profitability for taxpayers, develop a renewed emphasis on the use of NAMA's development funds in Ireland, deliver an independent audit of NAMA's remaining properties for social and economic development and examine salaries and cooling-off periods. 

"I congratulate my party colleague Peadar Tobín and the Leinster House team for their work in compiling this document and look forward to working with them on this issue in the future."


Sinn Féin spokesperson on Education Jonathan O' Brien TD has condemned the news that teachers and Special Needs Assistants (SNAs) are being hired as part of the JobBridge internship scheme and has urged Minister Jan O’Sullivan to intervene in halting this practice. 

Deputy O’ Brien said:

“These are real jobs requiring trained practitioners and are absolutely inappropriate for so-called 'internships'. There are plenty of fully qualified teachers and SNA’s who are available for work at the established rates of pay and conditions. 

“These are professionals who are trained and qualified for teaching and assisting Irish schoolchildren as well as those with specific needs in the case of SNA’s. Internships cannot replace the professional training required for the care and education of our children.  

“These ‘internships’ are undermining the profession itself, but worst of all, potentially affecting our children who are being exposed to interns who may be untrained and under-qualified. It is disgraceful that this practice is allowed to continue when so many qualified teachers and SNA’s currently looking for work. 

“Teachers unions are also strongly opposed to JobBridge. I find it hard to believe that Minister Jan O’ Sullivan says that the Department have not control in stopping schools from using this discredited and unregulated intern scheme. She is totally avoiding her responsibility to children, parents and their teachers.

“The Department of Education should pay for teachers and SNA’s and not use this JobBridge scheme which has been proven time and time again to be inadequate and exploitative. It is outrageous that this situation is allowed to continue.”


Lynn Boylan MEP today visited jailed teenager Ibrahim Halawa in Egypt along with his sister Kadija Ibrahims and legal representative Darragh Mackin. The Dublin citizen was jailed almost two years ago and is currently awaiting trial. 

Ms Boylan said:

“I am delighted that through my role as an MEP that Ibrahim was able to have contact with his family for the first time in months. To see the nineteen-year-old hug his big sister would break your heart. He clung tight to her hand the entire time. 

“For me, to meet and talk with Ibrahim personally after fighting on his behalf for over fifteen months was so important. To have time to talk with him and to relay how we were all campaigning back home for him. It was especially crucial to hear form him directly that he firmly believes that the publicity from the public support he is

getting back home is helping to keep him safe. 

“It was also important that Darragh Mackin from KRWLAW, his legal representative in Ireland was present to discuss the legalities of the case with Ibrahim.

“While I know the visit and being able to hug his sister has lifted his spirits, I would however have concerns about his health and I would echo his lawyers calls for the need for him to see a specialist doctor as soon as possible.”

Visiting Ibrahim Halawa

Pictured are Darragh Mackins, Kadija Ibrahims (sister) and Lynn Boylan MEP


Sinn Féin West Tyrone MP Pat Doherty says he is relieved no one was injured after a mortar bomb was left in the vicinity of Strabane Cemetery.

 Mr Doherty said:

 “I am relieved no one has been injured after a mortar bomb was placed in the vicinity of Strabane Cemetery. 

 “This action served no purpose other than to cause widespread disruption to the local community, preventing people from visiting the graves of loved ones.

 “People are understandably upset and angry at what has happened.

 “At a time when thousands of Republicans, confident in their ability to deliver a new Ireland through peaceful and democratic means, took to the streets of Dublin a small minority are attempting to take us backwards.

 “They will not succeed.

 “In the context of the political realities of 2015 the vast majority of Republicans recognise the futility of continued armed actions.

 “It’s past time for the people behind this latest action to end their activity to a halt and respect the will of the people of Ireland to bring about reunification through peaceful means.” ENDS/CRÍOCH


Sinn Féin MLA Máirtín Ó Muilleoir has welcomed the announcement United Airlines are to reinstate its direct service between Belfast and New York during the months of January through March.

Mr Ó Muilleoir, a frequent user of the service, said,

“This announcement that the direct route between Belfast and New York is to be reinstated is great news given the number of people here who travel to the U.S. throughout the year and the business lifeline it provides for foreign direct investment. 

“Not only will this allow American travellers, including business people and tourists, to travel to and from Belfast but it will also help secure jobs at the International Airport. On my visits to meet management & staff at the airport, I am left left in no doubt about their resolve to grow this business dramatically. 

“The transfer of Airport Passenger Duty on long-haul journeys to the Executive helped ensure the long-term viability of the U.S. Route. I have no doubt that if we want to double our tourism numbers and become a magnet for international business then we need to take the bold step of transferring all Air Passenger Duty powers to Stormont. Then we can make the best decisions in relation to APD based on maximising the benefits to our economy and community. 

"At present APD is a tax, like so many others,  which benefits London but penalises Belfast."


Sinn Féin Leader and Louth TD Gerry Adams has dismissed the latest comments on Irish Water by former Fine Gael junior minister Fergus O'Dowd as "political posturing" saying that there "is nothing like an impending General Election to concentrate the mind of Government TDs."

Gerry Adams said:

"Fergus O'Dowd was junior minister in the Department of the Environment when Irish Water was established and he repeatedly defended that policy in the Dáil and in the media.

“When it was crystal clear to everyone that the Government had made a huge mistake in setting up Irish Water and that the company was a shambolic mess,  Fergus O’Dowd not only dismissed the concerns of Sinn Féin and others as nonsense, but forcefully defended the Government and Irish Water.

"Of course there is nothing like a General Election to concentrate the mind of Government TDs, and that is obviously what lies behind Fergus O'Dowd's political conversion on this issue.

"Unfortunately for Fergus O'Dowd, while he may take voters for fools, they can see right through his latest electoral posturing.

"Irish Water and domestic Water Charges are doomed and those TDs associated with supporting them will be seeking to distance themselves from that policy in increasing numbers the closer we get to an election.

"Sinn Féin has been consistent on this issue. If we get a mandate for government we will abolish water charges and Irish Water."


Sights and sounds from Bodenstown 2015


Gerry Adams