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We would like to congratulate the winners of the first and second of four draws for the Sinn Féin National Draw 2021

The winners of the first draw on Saturday 27th November 2021 are:

6 Counties - £5,000 - Monica McNaught, Derry City, Ticket No: 177381

26 Counties - €5,000 - Anna McCaughey, Co. Monaghan, Ticket No: 11524

The winners of our second draw on Saturday 4th December 2021 are:

 6 Counties - £5,000 - Francis Foster, Lisnaskea, Co. Fermanagh, Ticket No: 134351

26 Counties - €5,000 - Gerry Rush, Lifford, Co. Donegal , Ticket No: 10370


Mary Lou McDonald's Presidential Address from the Sinn Féin Ard Fheis 2021


Download a PDF of Sinn Féin's Budget here

Putting workers and families first - A Budget for change

Sinn Féin is the party of change, the party that will build a better, stronger and United Ireland.

Sinn Féin’s Alternative Budget proposals will put workers and families first.

We will prioritise the things that ensure that workers and families can lead good, prosperous lives and look to the future with confidence and certainty.

This means the building of social and affordable homes, sorting out the health waiting list crisis and tackling the rising cost of living by delivering increases in pensions and social welfare, cutting rents and reducing the cost of childcare.

This cannot be another Budget designed by Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael to protect the wealth and privilege of those at the top while workers, families and communities play second fiddle. This is an opportunity to make fairness count. Sinn Féin’s approach to Budget 2022 is to turn the tide of the legacy left by decades of bad government. We want to give our people a fresh start.

Our priorities include:

A Government that puts workers and families first is possible. Change is coming. This Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael and Green Party government is on borrowed time. They are out of touch and out of ideas. It is time for a government that offers hope and solutions – a government with real ambition to change things for the better.

This is the time to invest in what makes a real difference in the lives of ordinary people. More of the same won’t cut it. This is the Budget Sinn Féin would implement if we were in government.

This is a Budget that puts workers and families first. This is a Budget for change.


Sinn Féin has a vision for a new and united Ireland. Visit our Irish Unity page here.