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DUP vote with Tories to carve open health service for privatisation - Sheehan

24 October, 2019 - by Pat Sheehan

Sinn Féin MLA Pat Sheehan has today said the DUP has once again reminded the people of the north that they cannot be trusted when it comes to public services and social protection.

The West Belfast MLA said people shouldn't be fooled by the DUP's recent Brexit damage control, reminding people they will always back the Tories in attacking vital public services.

Pat Sheehan MLA said:

"We know the DUP's extremely retrograde attitude to public spending and use of public funds.

"A motion sought to protect the health service from future Trump trade deals and corporations seeking to put 'profit before public health'.

"The DUP voted instead to effectively pry open the health service for post-Brexit privatisation and the potential of further cuts.

"The DUP have reminded us of their true colours, and have once again bent the knee to a Tory government that has inflicted bruising cuts on public services and living standards to people in the north.

"Whether it's their long history of financial scandal and misuse of public funds, or their long-standing support for slashing social protection payments for those in need, the DUP cannot be trusted to protect vital public services.

"Despite recent Brexit tiffs, the right-wing DUP-Tory alliance will always find common cause in attacking public services."

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