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There is no good Brexit for Ireland - McMullan

27 November, 2019 - by Oliver McMullan

In two weeks time, on Thursday 12th December, people in the north of Ireland will go to the polls again. Sinn Féin candidate for East Antrim Oliver McMullan will stand on a platform rejecting Brexit.

There is no good Brexit for Ireland as a whole.

No good Brexit for the north.

And no good Brexit for East Antrim.

The DUP pursued Brexit will have a very real impact on the people and community of East Antrim.

For our farmers the prospect of the loss of agricultural subsidies and the imposition of tariffs on their produce moving across the border is already damaging and could turn out to be devastating.

Rural communities also face the possibility of the loss of essential investment in rural development funding.

Any hardening of the border would detrimentally impact the cross-border tourism which has slowly but surely developed in East Antrim. It would also inhibit cross border travel impacting business and create barriers to organisations that set up on an All-Ireland basis such as the GAA and numerous sporting and cultural organisations.

The DUP have ignored and dismissed the very real concerns people have with Brexit.

Sinn Féin have stood against them.

We have used our influence where it matters.

We committed to defending the All-Island economy and the Good Friday Agreement and we have done this via our influence in Dublin, Brussels and Washington.

On 12th December vote Sinn Féin – vote Oliver McMullan X.

We will continue to stand up for East Antrim and Ireland against a Tory/DUP Brexit

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