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British government cannot be allowed to sidestep responsibilities - Hazzard

23 February, 2020 - by Chris Hazzard

Sinn Féin MP Chris Hazzard has said the British government must not be allowed to sidestep their responsibilities to protect the Good Friday Agreement and the all Ireland economy.

The South Down MP said:

“Reports that Boris Johnson has instructed his Brexit negotiating team to find a way to ‘work around’ protocols recently agreed between the EU and the British government are deeply concerning.

“While there is no such thing as a good Brexit, the protections secured in the Irish Protocol and Withdrawal Agreement offer some protections to local communities and businesses in the north.

“It now appears the British government is planning to ride roughshod over what has already been agreed; this would be completely unacceptable.  

“We need to see the EU27 and the Irish government protecting what has already been agreed on the north and working to prevent the Tories from adopting an a la carte approach to their international obligations and responsibilities. 

“Businesses in the north depend on these protections and they cannot be set aside unilaterally by the Tories.”

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