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British government must provide necessary funding for victims' pension - Dillon

19 January, 2021 - by Linda Dillon

Sinn Féin MLA Linda Dillon has said victims have already waited too long for a victims' pension and the British government must act now to provide the necessary funding. 

The Mid Ulster MLA said:

"Sinn Fein's position remains that the victims' pension should be available for all victims who have suffered severe physical and psychological injury as a result of the conflict.

"The sole criteria should be need in line with the legal definition of a victim outlined in the Victims and Survivors [ NI ] Order [ 2006 ]. The provision of these payments would represent recognition that the experiences of injured victims are acknowledged, their victimhood publicly validated and their voices heard. 

"The current legislation was drafted at Westminster devoid of any consultation with the Executive or any of the local parties. Accordingly, in line with the British Government's own Statement of Funding Policy, it is their responsibility to provide the necessary funding for the scheme, which could cost up to £800 Million to administer. 

"Victims have waited too long for this scheme to come into operation, the British Government must act now."

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