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Kearney dismisses Tory interference in north’s democratic process

16 March, 2022 - by Declan Kearney MLA

Sinn Féin's Brexit spokesperson Declan Kearney has dismissed claims by the Tory Lord, David  Frost that the Assembly should have another election in 2024 prior to the Protocol consent vote in the Assembly.

The South Antrim MLA said: 

"This intervention by the unelected Tory Lord, David Frost, who himself has no electoral mandate either in the north or Britain, is the latest in a long line of attempts by British Tories to interfere in our democratic processes. 

“This sort of negative ‘kite flying’ by David Frost simply serves to further expose the total lack of commitment of this Tory government for the democratic basis of our power sharing institutions. His own reckless and destructive approach during 2021 as Tory Brexit Minister is clear evidence of that. 

“David Frost is calling for a referendum on the protocol which he negotiated and he continues to ignore the result of 2016 referendum where the majority of people here rejected Brexit.

“Since that referendum the majority of people here have expressed their support for the Protocol and  I am confident that when people go to the polls in May they will again vote for parties which reflect those views. The democratic will of our electorate should be respected. 

“No second Assembly election in 2024 at the behest of either Tories or political unionism should be countenanced.

“Sinn Féin will  oppose any Tory attempt which is designed to undermine the electoral process or continued attempts to hollow out the international law upon which the Protocol is premised.”

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