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Senator Lynn Boylan welcomes NGOs’ joint initiative to tackle energy poverty

6 July, 2022 - by Lynn Boylan

Senator Lynn Boylan, Sinn Féin spokesperson for Climate Justice, today hosted a discussion about tackling energy poverty with ten civil society organisations from environmental and anti-poverty sectors attended by TDs and Senators in Leinster House.

Senator Boylan said:

“We know that 29% of households are now living in energy poverty, the highest number ever recorded. Household bills have increased by €1100 in one year and that inflation is hitting households that are less well off the hardest.

“We’ve had an issue with energy poverty way before the war in Ukraine and before the cost-of-living crisis.

“It is a really welcome initiative to see both the social and the environmental organisations come together to call for a true just transition.

“The current system of addressing both climate change and energy poverty is deeply unfair.

“Unless we have a system of reducing our carbon emissions that is also reducing energy poverty, all we are doing is transferring wealth upwards to those who can afford to retrofit their homes and install heat pumps while the rest of society is left behind.

“People are under severe pressure from the spiralling costs. We know government can’t do everything, but they must do more to help people struggling with energy costs, especially before the cold weather returns. People need help now. They cannot wait for the government to keep stalling on this issue.

"Sinn Féin in government would stand up for families hit by energy poverty to ensure they get the support they need.”

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