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Action needed urgently to help people in cost of living emergency - Archibald

4 August, 2022 - by Caoimhe Archibald

Sinn Féin MLA Caoimhe Archibald has said the Bank of England forecasts of recession and of inflation hitting 13% emphasises the need for the British government to urgently get to grips with the cost of living emergency.

And she urged the DUP to return to the Executive so ministers are in a position to take decisions and spend money to try to help workers and families with the rising cost of living.

The party's economy spokesperson said: 

“The forecasts today from the Bank of England paint a stark picture of the months to come, with predictions of a five quarter recession and inflation hitting 13%.

“Rather than the current navel gazing by the Tories in a contrived leadership contest, the British government needs to urgently act to tackle the cost of living emergency.

“We need to see action to cut taxes on fuel and energy to limit the increases that workers and families are facing in their bills.

“With near daily announcements of huge profits for energy corporations, more action is also needed to prevent this obscene profiteering off the backs of ordinary people.

“With increasing numbers of families facing a bleak winter, it is an absolute scandal that the DUP continues to boycott our institutions. We need an Executive now so ministers can take decisions to spend the £435 million currently marooned in a Stormont bank account.

"Workers and families are struggling, they rightly expect government to be there to support them.”

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