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Finucane accuses Tories of partisan approach

15 August, 2022 - by John Finucane

Sinn Féin MP John Finucane has accused the Tories of having a partisan approach to the north by giving cover to the DUP to block an Executive being formed. 

The North Belfast MP said: 

“The British government are hell-bent on continuing to break international law and tearing up international agreements they themselves negotiated.

“Not content with imposing cruel cuts on our public services and dragging us out of the EU against our wishes, they are acting in the interests of only one political party.

“Their partisan approach has abandoned the rigorously impartiality required of them under the Good Friday Agreement. 

“They are giving cover to the DUP to block an Executive being formed. They are blocking money being put in people's pockets to support them against the cost-of-living crisis and a plan to invest an extra £1 billion in the health service to help people stuck on waiting lists. 

“Likewise, our businesses are benefiting from the opportunities afforded by the Protocol to create jobs and attract investment through access to both the EU and British markets, the Tories also want to strip that away. 

“It’s clear that the Tories have absolutely no regard for the interests of people in the north, and have no respect for the electorate who voted for change and to have an Executive up and running.”

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