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Claire Kerrane TD rubbishes claims that farmers fear a change of government

20 April, 2023 - by Claire Kerrane TD

Sinn Féin spokesperson on Agriculture, Claire Kerrane TD, has rubbished claims that farmers are concerned as to the tax implications of a Sinn Féin government.  

She said that a front page story in this week’s Irish Farmers Journal misrepresents Sinn Féin policy and the comments from the reported meeting.

Teachta Kerrane said:

“Farmers need, and are increasingly demanding, change. Those who want to maintain the status-quo are clearly attempting to scare farmers.

“Sinn Féin is absolutely committed to maintaining existing tax reliefs available to farmers. Farm organisations know this and any financial advisor worth their fees should know this.

“Farmers are clearly concerned about the direction of the current government’s approach. The primary concern regarding agricultural tax reliefs is the frustrating manner in which they are currently extended; often months after budget day.  

“Under Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil, many farmers have seen their incomes drop, CAP supports reduced while uncertainties for the future have increased. Sinn Féin will strive to reverse those trends.

“Farmers have nothing to fear from a Sinn Féin government. In fact, the vast majority of farmers will be better off when Sinn Féin policies are enacted. Increasingly they are telling us this and they are telling us that they are eager for a government that will secure fair prices, a fair CAP and fair play in facing the challenges that are looming. More and more farmers see Sinn Féin as the vehicle to deliver such a government.

“The front-page headline and story in today’s Irish Farmers Journal misrepresents Sinn Féin’s position and, we believe, the commentary at the reported meeting  We were not asked for comment prior to its publication. I have spoken to farmers who attended the meeting and they tell me that there was no reference to Sinn Féin at all at the meeting. Sinn Féin will be engaging with the Irish Farmers Journal to seek clarification on these matters.”

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