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EU Recovery Fund is bad for Irish workers and families - John Brady TD

23 July, 2020 - by John Brady TD

John BradySinn Féin spokesperson on Foreign Affairs and Defence John Brady has challenged the Taoiseach over the fact that Ireland will be paying more to Europe this year than it will receive from what is an unprecedented rescue package for member countries.

The Wicklow TD Brady added: “Over the last few days, the Taoiseach has said that the EU Recovery Fund was worth negotiating, however the deal that the Taoiseach agreed is bad for workers, families and Ireland. 

“Reports from the Department of Finance state that Ireland's contribution to the EU will rise to €2.7 billion this year, up from €2.4 billion last year

“In addition to the relatively paltry sum that Ireland will receive, we witness savage cuts across criteria that are vital to Ireland. 

"The Rural development budget has been cut by €7.5 billion from the original proposal.

"The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) Budget has been cut something in the region of €35.2 billion from the original proposal Pillar II cut from €15 billion to €7.5 billion.

"In 2019 Ireland contributed €2.4 billion to the EU. This year the we will pay something in the region of €2.7 billion. 

"A new tax on unrecycled plastics, will be added to Ireland's contribution. I asked to Taoiseach whether he would consider mobilising a nationwide emergency CE scheme to gather up all the empty coke bottles and the like discarded around the country. 

"For we seem to be powerless to affect any other form of influence on the funds that will be given over to the EU by Ireland to pay for Europe’s recovery.” 

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