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Garda Commissioner must act to stop restriction-flouting raves - Martin Kenny TD

22 September, 2020 - by Martin Kenny TD

Sinn Féin Justice spokesman, Martin Kenny TD, has called on the Garda Commissioner, Drew Harris, to provide instruction and resources to Gardaí to break up raves and street parties taking place around the country which are breaking Covid-19 regulations.

Deputy Kenny said:

“Anyone with minimal understanding or concern about the spread of Covid-19 around the country is outraged that some people are flouting guidelines, acting in an extremely risky way and putting us all in danger.

“Media focus has been on a massive gathering in Dublin’s South Inner City and the fact that it was allowed to continue for hours last weekend, despite local people calling on Gardaí for assistance, but this kind of event is happening in other places too.

“The Gardaí have a wide range of powers under existing legislation dealing with the sale or possession of alcohol and drugs, disturbing public order, creating a nuisance and engaging in unreasonable behaviour.

“Even if we were not dealing with a pandemic, what happened in various publicised incidents recently around the country would be unacceptable. People have a right to feel safe, be protected by the Gardaí and have security in their communities and homes.

“Those living near these illegal gatherings are left asking why their pleas for assistance are ignored, while, for example, the Debenhams workers fighting for their rights to fair pay from their employer were arrested.

“Commissioner Harris must treat these events with the urgency they necessitate and show citizens that the Gardaí are on their side and there to protect them against this risky behaviour.”

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