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Finucane welcomes continued US support for Protocol

18 March, 2021 - by John Finucane

Sinn Féin MP John Finucane has welcomed the continued support from US President Joe Biden for the Irish Protocol. 

John Finucane said: 

"The support from US President Joe Biden for the Good Friday Agreement and the full implementation of the Irish Protocol is welcome. 

"The US played a key role in the development of the Good Friday Agreement and we value the continued support for it from the US administration and from leading and influential figures on Capitol Hill. 

"They, like us, want to ensure the protection of the Agreement and, as a result, support the Irish protocol and the protections it provides and want to see it maintained and implemented in full. 

"The protocol has the support of the US Administration, the British government, the Irish government, and the European Commission. It is high time those who currently oppose it listen to these voices, as well as those of the business, manufacturing and farming sectors and work to implement it and build on the special status it affords us in order to attract investment and jobs."

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