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O’Dowd to contact Ombudsman over Portadown bonfire collapse

11 July, 2021 - by John O'Dowd

Sinn Féin MLA John O’Dowd is to contact the Police Ombudsman’s office in the wake of a bonfire collapse in Portadown on Friday night.

The Upper Bann MLA said: 

“There are growing questions as to why the bonfire in Edgarstown, Portadown was allowed to be lit when it was clearly unstable and  placed lives and property in jeopardy.

“Videos continue to emerge in social media  of screaming crowds running for their lives as the towering inferno collapses towards them.

“The PSNI needs to explain why crowds were allowed to gather in the shadow of a potential death trap, what engagement was there  between police, the Fire Service and organisers in the days and hours leading up to the pyre being lit. And will there be any criminal investigations into why so many lives were placed in danger. 

“The primary role of a policing service is to protect lives and property. In this instance both were placed in real danger in the full view of the police.”

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