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British government should scrap cruel and callous legacy bill – Kelly

3 January, 2023 - by Gerry Kelly MLA

Sinn Féin MLA Gerry Kelly has called today on the British government to immediately scrap its flawed and unjust legacy bill and end its attempts to ride rough shod over the needs of victims and their families.

Gerry Kelly was responding to comments by NIO Minister Lord Caine who rejected a call from the Victims Commissioner Ian Jeffers to withdraw the bill which is going through the British House of Lords.

Gerry Kelly said:

“The British government’s legacy bill has been rejected by the families of victims of the conflict, by the Council of Europe, the UN, International human rights bodies and by all the political parties on this island.

“The Victims Commissioner has added his voice to calls to withdraw this flawed and offensive legislation. The NIO Minister Lord Caine rejected this latest call.

“The British government continues to set its face against putting the needs of victims at the heart of any legislation to tackle the legacy of the past.

“It’s simply not good enough for the British government to continue to ride rough shod over the needs of victims and their families.

“The British government’s cruel, callous, and offensive Legacy Bill seeks to give an amnesty to British soldiers who killed Irish citizens and shut down victims’ and families’ access to the courts in an effort to achieve truth and justice. 

"The British Government should stop treating victims and their families with contempt and implement the legacy mechanisms agreed at Stormont House in a human rights compliant manner.”

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